A Greenville South Carolina Wedding | Shama + Grace

This wedding that took place right outside of Greenville is so special to me! Shama and Grace are seriously one of the most joyful couples. He can make her laugh SO easily, and they’re just so much fun to be around. Grace’s sister was also my very first friend when I moved to Charlotte. I had heard so many great things about this family and actually met Grace briefly a few years ago, so I was so beyond excited to be able to capture this day for them!

My favorite couples are the ones that are just so excited to be MARRIED. Shama and Grace fit that to a TEE. These two were just so excited to be husband and wife, and I love seeing that! As much as I love wedding days, it’s one day that kickstarts a lifelong marriage. I love when coupes recognize this and are excited for the whole journey (with some pretty amazing photos to remind them of the day, of course 😉 ).

If you missed Shama and Grace’s Uptown Charlotte engagement session, make sure you check that out here!

Grace got ready in Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina, a town right outside of Greenville, SC. They had a beautiful lodge in the mountains, and while originally there was a chance of rain for the day, they got a beautiful sunny (HOT!) day. Grace and her bridesmaids had such a fun time getting ready, and then Shama and Grace shared the sweetest first look. I always love watching a groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time. When it starts to really sink in that they’re doing it- they’re getting married!

The whole day was just so intimate and sweet. Shama and Grace’s closest friends and family came out to celebrate them. There was such a special ceremony where the couple shared their own vows to each other, tear invoking speeches from parents, best friends, and special guests. Shama’s family also performed a special tradition which was so fun- make sure to keep an eye for that at the bottom!

Shama and Grace, it was truly an honor to witness and capture the start of your marriage! Y’all are such an amazing couple, and I can’t wait to watch your journey together unfold. Your marriage is going to be so God-honoring, and I’m praying for an incredibly happy lifetime for you both!

Enjoy some favorites from their day!

A Greenville Wedding | Shama + Grace

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Congratulations, Shama and Grace!! I hope y’all had the absolute BEST TIME in Italy!!

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