After coming to terms with not being able to stop time, I became pretty excited about the fact that I could freeze it. 

I’ve always loved taking pictures, and I have an embarrassing amount of high school and college Facebook albums to show for it. 

After my daughter was born, when my son was 2, it completely blew my mind just how fast time goes! I know, such a cliche. But cliche’s are a cliche for a reason, and y’all - it’s true. Time goes so FAST! 

But most people call me alex!

I'm Alexandra

I’m there to preserve your memories while you’re busy enjoying them.

Even if I could just freeze 1/200th of a second of my life. All of a sudden, that single frame, that fraction of a second, wielded the power to transport me RIGHT back to a particular moment. I fell in love with this art, and I became passionate about helping others freeze their moments. 

The Experience

So it’s not only my goal to create beautiful heirloom photographs — it’s to make you feel completely comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. When you look at your wedding and engagement photos, I don’t want you to just see a pretty photograph. I want you to feel the joy and excitement and ease you felt in that moment.


you feel when having your photos taken informs how you feel about those


It's one of my biggest beliefs that

I graduated with an English degree before marrying my favorite person in 2011 and moving to Connecticut. After 2 years in the frigid cold, we moved to Charlotte in 2013 and never looked back. Our son, Oliver, made us parents in 2015, and my daughter’s birth in 2017 motivated me to break out the camera and actually figure out what the buttons did.
A family member’s maternity session was quickly followed by a friend’s wedding, and thus began my obsession with all things photography. It’s been 4 years of constant education and growth, and it is never taken for granted what a gift it is to be invited into the most sentimental moments of a person’s life.

i can't wait to preserve your favorite memories.

Where it all began...

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