Why Details Matter

You might have heard it said, particularly from photographers, that details matter on your wedding day. And they’re right. Details do matter.

But if you’re new to weddings, or have seen this said but haven’t really understood it…I want to tell you why these matter and what your details could include!

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What Is In The Details

So, let’s start from the beginning. What are wedding details? The details are the first thing I photograph when I arrive on the wedding day. They’re the small parts of the wedding day that probably don’t seem like thaaat big of a deal when looking at the overall wedding plans. The small elements that make the day what it is.

Your wedding invitation suite. Earrings. Hairpiece. Rings. Shoes. Perfume. Family heirlooms. Gifts to/from your groom (or bride). Letters. This also extends to your dress, veil, and bouquet.

And then there are his details. Granted, usually men don’t have quite as many details as women. But they’re still important! Shoes. Watch. Tie and tie clip. Cuff links. Gifts to/from your bride. Sometime men have fun socks, so those are always fun to include. Any family heirlooms. Boutonni√®re.

(Just a lil’ note that if you’re one of my brides, I send a whole list of possible details a few weeks before the wedding! By no means a must have list, just to help you remember things to bring on the morning of!)

Why Are They So Important?

So why are these so important? Have you seen a photographer post about these and talk about how much they LOVE details? (Spoiler alert: I’ve done this.)

Photographers love details because we have creative control. You can style and use ribbon and ring boxes and florals and get some stunning shots. And, full disclosure, publications love detail shots. If a photographer is wanting to get a wedding published, detail shots really matter.

But. More importantly than all of that. Detail shots matter for you. These may seem the small parts of your wedding day. But these are the items that go into making your day complete. The things that you spent time picking out and will make up your complete bridal look and your memories of the day. But these small details are the things that you can forget as the years go on. You might not be sure what your bracelet looked like or what earrings you wore. You may remember the shoes, but you may not remember what kind of perfume. A photo of your invitation suite may help you recall all the time you spent together picking the perfect one.

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How to Prepare for Detail Shots

Some brides love to invest in ribbon and ring boxes and stamps to help tell that story in a beautiful way. Others prefer to keep it simple and provide what they have. A lot of photographers have “styling kits”, meaning they may bring ribbon, boxes, stamps, seals, to create more stylized detail shots. By looking at your photographers’ portfolio or galleries, you’ll be able to get a good idea of the kinds of detail shots your photographer takes. And if there’s a type of shot you really want, don’t hesitate to communicate that to your photographer! Like mentioned above, I send out a detail recommendation list to my brides and grooms to help them think through what details they want to bring!

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While detail shots are undoubtedly important for photographers, the purpose behind them is to capture the full story of your wedding day. To make sure that the time you spent picking out your details is noticed and remembered.

Some sources for things I love-

Velvet Ring Boxes! Everyone loves a Mrs. Box, but sometimes they’re just a little out of the budget. Etsy has some amazing quality and affordable velvet ring boxes that you can get to match your wedding colors!

Ribbon! Ribbon is so fun to add to details, and you can repurpose it and add it to your bouquet, as well, for some fun extra color. Etsy has amazing ribbon options, but so does Amazon! There are also some amazing small shops on Instagram that sell great quality ribbon!

Florals! Ask your florist to provide a few loose pieces so your photographer can tie them into your detail photos. Chances are, they’ll be more than thrilled to oblige, and it’ll help all your detail shots tie in even more with you floral shots.

If you have any questions, make sure to reach out to your photographer (or me, even if I’m not your photographer!) on what you should bring or what they may bring! I love detail shots, and hope to help make you excited about them, as well!

If you’re looking for more wedding tips, make sure to check out this post on why I think bridal sessions are so important!

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