The Value of a Wedding Planner/Coordinator

Hey y’all! I’m so excited to have another guest blog post, this time by Dana, owner and lead planner for A Lark Creation. I’m really excited about this one because having been at my fair share of weddings, I fully realize how invaluable wedding planners, or day of coordinators, are to help your wedding day flow smoothly. They prevent so much stress from you and your bridesmaids! I’m exited to share some insight from Dana! If you have any questions for her, put it in the comments! And make sure to give her a follow on Instagram!


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Each couple I have worked with is different in terms of what they need help with, it is safe to say no two brides have approached planning their wedding in the same way. I have had some brides start off at our first consultation flat out saying, “I have no idea what I am doing” while others strongly imagine they can handle any hurdle that comes their way during the planning process and on their wedding day. Even if some of those latter brides can, why should they add extra stress to their day. Hiring a wedding planner may seem like a huge investment, but if chosen wisely, your planner can actually end up saving you money and sanity. Even if you feel on top of the planning, check out my list of reasons why hiring a day of coordinator to manage your wedding day.

At the top of nearly everyone’s list for events is the budget of how much it can cost to pull off that dream wedding. Wedding Wire’s 2018 newlywed report updated the national average for weddings as $27,000. Are you able to spend that much? If you are, great! If not, believe me when I say wedding planners can actually help keep your budget under that number. As with many other areas in your life small changes can add up to big savings. As professionals, we have seen a lot. We have learned what works and what doesn’t and how to trim the corners to still get the feel you want without the grand price tag.

Wedding planners are experts in seeing many overlooked details. As a bride (or mother of the bride) you can only see and do so much. It is our job to make sure your mom doesn’t miss the first dance, or that the cake gets delivered and placed in the correct location. No one wants to walk far for a sweet treat! With A Lark Creation, your planning and coordination package includes a walk-through of your ceremony and reception sites, as well as a ceremony rehearsal to go over every detail and make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

As your wedding planner, we are your greatest support for defending your wedding vision with the goal to keep everything on track. Occasionally we get a bride worried about hurting someone’s feelings with their seating chart or concerned unwanted guests may show up, that is where we step in and tell those guests in a polite way that the details were planned out ahead of time and will not be changed last minute (or politely ask them to leave the event). It is your wedding day and you should definitely enjoy it! This might easily be the most important perk of hiring someone to manage your day.

Many vendors tackle more than one wedding per weekend sometimes per DAY, however, a wedding planner is focused only on your wedding day. While your hair and makeup are getting done, we make sure catering has brought enough place settings, your favorite fury ring bearer is taken for a walk before ceremony start time, and that champagne is poured to the exact minute to start toasts. At A Lark Creation, we only take 20 weddings per YEAR to ensure that our brides get the time and attention they deserve. Our passion is to make sure everything goes according to your unique plan. This means if you desire an outdoor ceremony, and it rained that morning WE will be the ones running outside to dry off chairs before your guests arrive as you relax inside surrounded by your loved ones not even thinking of rain drops.

From a “behind-the-scenes” perspective, as I meet with various vendors, they have mentioned time and time again how they enjoy working directly with a planner as the wedding date gets close. It is comforting not having to bother the couple to iron out last minute details. Those built in relationships minimize a lot of headache, keeping things stress-free for everyone involved. Your coordinator will confirm all start times, send reminders as needed, and ensure all vendors are present and on time. As an added bonus, we will even distribute tips at the end of the night so you can hop in your getaway car to enjoy your honeymoon without hesitation.

In our opinion, a wedding coordinator is the best right-hand woman for your special day! There is nothing better than knowing that you have hired a professional to ensure your wedding day is perfect. If issues arise, and something always does, they will be handled quietly as to not let any unneeded stress be put on you or your guests. Your coordinator is by your side from the minute you hire her until the last wine glass in the venue is cleaned. We joyfully will put in the longest day and not once wish we were somewhere else. We will continuously wish you and your new spouse nothing less than a lifetime of happiness together.

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Hope y’all enjoyed! Make sure to check out Megan’s guest post if you’re looking for another post!

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