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i’m alexandra

wedding photographer, mama, wife, and avid chocolate milk drinker

Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve stumbled onto my little corner of the internet- I know searching for the right photographer can be a little tiring. Not only are you worried about what your images are going to look like, but are you going to feel comfortable in front of the camera? Will you pick the right outfits? Will you get along and have the same vision for your day? I get it! It’s a huge decision. Your photos are the only thing that live on from past the moment, and they deserve to be captured with purpose and care!

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I’m a photographer, wife, and mama to two. My husband, kiddos, and I live right outside of Charlotte, NC. Also, please- I go by Alex. I’m a huge believer in carbs and caffeine, and I’m a little in love with chocolate milk (seriously, I had this at my 21st birthday). I also strongly believe that time is fleeting, and that it deserves to be captured right where it is.

I believe that when you hire a photographer, you shouldn’t just be hiring another faceless vendor. I believe in creating relationships so that you’re photos are personal and unique to YOU. I believe in creating an experience so that when you look at your photos, you only remember the joy and love and excitement you felt in those moments. 

So that’s what I love to create! I personalize your experience from the very beginning to make sure you have an amazing and unforgettable time, and you are left with light and bright images that remind you of that. With an ABP experience, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is where to hang your photos on your walls.

the reason why

I absolutely love what I do

I’ve always loved taking pictures, and I have an embarrassing amount of high school and college Facebook albums to show for it. After my daughter was born, when my son was 2, it completely blew my mind just how fast time goes! I know, such a cliche. But cliche’s are a cliche for a reason, and y’all- it’s true. Time goes so FAST! After coming to terms with not being able to stop time, I became pretty excited about the fact that I could freeze it. Even if I could just freeze 1/200th of a second of my life. All of a sudden, that single frame, that fraction of a second, wielded the power to transport me RIGHT back to that particular moment. I fell in love with this art, and I became passionate about helping others freeze their moments. I want to celebrate this season of your life with you and help you remember it forever through the use of photography.

Sound like we might be a good fit? I’d love to buy you a coffee (I’m just a good ole iced latte type of person) and talk more about your day and how I can help capture everything you’re working so hard to plan! Click the “Let’s Chat” link below, or send a direct email to I can’t wait to hear from you!

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