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8 Tips to Guarantee Flawless Makeup in Photos

Hey ya’ll! I’m so pumped to have a guest blog post today from Megan Oliveri. Megan is the sweetest person ever, and she is also an extremely talented hair and makeup artist. I had the pleasure of working with her on this styled shoot, and she is just so darn good. She has some amazing tips today for wearing makeup for photos, and I’m just so glad she’s my first guest post! Enjoy, and make sure to follow along with all of her beauty on Instagram!


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Hey guys!! Megan Oliveri here, I am just so stoked to be sharing my knowledge with all of Alex’s network of brides & photographers! I am a bridal makeup artist & hair stylist who has been trained for makeup that looks amazing on camera. Sometimes when photos are taken of you, your makeup may look completely different! My job as an artist is to ensure that you look great in person & when you look at your photos 30 years from now.

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  1. No Sunscreen- SPF is imperative in your everyday moisturizers, but not for photography! If you use a moisturizer with SPF, you will experience a white cast over your face in the photo because of the chemicals used in sunscreen.
  2. Primer- Primer is what fills in fine lines and imperfections in the skin texture. Using a primer will help to smooth out your skin to get that extra flawless look!
  3. Foundation Color- Now, this is obviously an important step. You’ll want to make sure that your foundation shade matches your skin and you are blending it into your skin well! A great way to achieve a perfect match is not go super full coverage. Using a foundation that is a bit more sheer will ensure a great match and help you not look so cakey!
  4. Blush- Blush almost completely disappears in photos and is the first thing to fade on your face! A glimmering blush is what keeps you looking fresh with a natural glow. We don’t need you looking like a blank canvas! You’ll always want to have a bit more blush than normal for camera-ready makeup.
  5. Brows- We know that we’ve already gotten most of the world on the brow train, but please take a seat if you are not already here for the ride. Filling in your brows is imperative to frame your eyes, it forces people to see your beautiful eyes before anything else!
  6. Bronzer- Using a bronzer will frame your face and create the definition which is sometimes lost in photos. Be careful to choose a non-shimmery bronzer, light is reflected off of shimmer! You want to create a natural shadow, not a highlight.
  7. Lipgloss- Matte Lipsticks can tend to look dry and crackly, especially in photography. Choosing a shiny lipstick or a lipgloss will make your lips look plump and moisturized! A big plus to this one is you won’t have to fuss with uncomfortable lipstick all night!
  8. SMILE! While taking pictures just remember all the things that you are so grateful & happy for in life. This will put a smile on your face no matter what. If all else fails, think of that one time you peed your pants and I’m sure you’ll crack up a bunch!!

I hope you learned so many new tips and tricks about having a flawless makeup look for your wedding day & beyond! For questions & more makeup fun, please check out my website at!

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